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Seagull feeders could be banned

9 December 09 00:03 GMT

A by-law banning seagull feeding is to be considered by a council bidding to cut its urban bird population.

The use of a falcon flying over Dumfries town centre this summer failed to reduce the number of nesting gulls.

Dumfries and Galloway Council is now to look at a by-law banning people from feeding the birds, along with stricter enforcement of litter laws.

Councillor Colin Smyth said the authority must examine all options to "get to grips with the issue".

The council decided not to continue with the use of a bird of prey over the town after nesting gull numbers rose 18%.

'Some progress'

Councillors were advised by officials that introducing a by-law might be out of proportion with the problem in the town.

However, Mr Smyth said all avenues needed to be explored.

"I have repeatedly called for the council to bring in a by-law to ban people from feeding the seagulls," he said.

"I am pleased we have seen some progress in that direction, along with an expansion of the nest removal programme right across Dumfries.

"I suspect, however, based on the findings of the first year, we are going to be plagued by this problem for many years to come."

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