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New award for heroes of Holocaust

29 April 09 15:26 GMT

A new award is to be created to recognise the efforts of people who helped Jews and others escape the horrors of the holocaust.

The Prime Minister has approved calls from Dumfries and Galloway MP Russell Brown for a symbol of recognition.

UK ministers rejected the idea of reforming the honours system to allow posthumous awards but are open to discussions on setting up a new award.

A potential beneficiary is Jane Haining from Dunscore in southern Scotland.

Mr Brown led a debate at Westminster on changing the current system in order to allow posthumous awards.

He wants greater recognition for people like Miss Haining who refused to abandon Jewish children in her care in Hungary after German forces invaded in 1944.

She subsequently died in Auschwitz.

Mr Brown also cited two other individuals he believes have not received sufficient recognition.

Major Frank Foley, from Somerset, was an MI6 agent who is credited with helping to save thousands of Jews in the 1930s.

Warwickshire-born June Ravenhall risked her life by sheltering a Jewish child in occupied Holland.

UK ministers declined to reform the current honours system but will now look at creating some type of new award.

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