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Aberdeen school merger scheme recommended

20 May 10 09:01 GMT

Secondary schools in Aberdeen could be merged in a bid to save money, BBC Scotland has learned.

A report before the council's education committee next week will recommend cutting the number of academies from 12 to eight.

Director of education Annette Bruton urged councillors to begin a wide-ranging consultation on the proposals.

An earlier programme of primary school closures led to demonstrations from angry parents.

Labour councillor Jenny Laing said the new review could also prove unpopular.

She said: "The implications would appear to be that we will see the closure of secondary schools within the city and children amalgamated into other secondary schools.

"There may be arguments about whether that would improve education but obviously I think parents will be concerned about what effect it will have on the children's education, larger class sizes and distances they may have to travel in order to get to school."

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