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Parents want rural school to shut

19 May 10 09:48 GMT

Parents of children at a primary school in Moray have begun a petition to close a rural school, which they claim is draining resources from other schools.

Cabrach Primary, about eight miles from Dufftown, has just two pupils

Kirsteen Paterson, the chair of the parent council at the 146-pupil Mortlach Primary in Dufftown, is campaigning for the closure of Cabrach.

The move comes two years after Moray Council's plan to close the school was rejected by the Scottish government.

Ms Paterson said: "I don't think you can justify keeping a school open for two children at the cost of over £100,000 per year.

"It works out at £53,000 per pupil compared to £3,300 at Mortlach."

However, Helena Sherakovska, whose two children attend Cabrach, said reducing the argument for the provision of rural services to cost alone could set an unfortunate precedent.

She said: "The bottom line is that anything in a rural area is going to cost more and I just think it is a ridiculous line to take.

"What's the next argument going to be - we shut down all services for all rural areas because it costs more?"

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