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Story of loyal guard dog retold

10 February 09 09:18 GMT

The story of how a guard dog perished in a fire after it refused to leave its post at its master's stall has been rediscovered during an arts project.

Writer Jennifer Morag Henderson found the story while researching the history of the Victorian Market in Inverness, which was ravaged by fire in 1889.

The dog, reminiscent of Greyfriars Bobby, was the blaze's sole casualty.

Later rebuilt, the building features in projects to regenerate Inverness city centre at a cost of £6m.

Ms Henderson said the guard dog's loyalty to its master's stall rivalled Edinburgh's Greyfriars Bobby.

From 1858, it is said the Skye terrier that would become known as Greyfriars Bobby lay at the grave of his master John Gray for 14 years only leaving for food.

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