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First image of Andy Scott's Cumbernauld sculpture

29 April 10 00:43 GMT

The first images have been released of a £250,000 sculpture which is designed to boost the image of one of Scotland's most maligned towns.

The 10m (33ft) steel structure, of a female form incorporating two large swooping arcs, will overlook the A80 at Cumbernauld in North Lanarkshire.

The town is a former "winner" of the infamous Carbuncle award for the most dismal place to stay in Scotland.

The sculpture, created by artist Andy Scott, will be unveiled this summer.

Mr Scott has also produced several notable public artworks in Scotland, including the M8 Heavy Horse and Falkirk Helix Water Kelpies.

Work 'progressing'

The first images released of the Cumbernauld sculpture show Mr Scott working on the 1.5m (5ft) head section, which is made of steel plates.

The hair has been sculpted in a 1960s-style reflecting the early days of Cumbernauld as a new town.

Over the coming months, the artist will complete other key areas such as securing the internal bracing of the sculpture, fabricating the two sweeping arcs and galvanising.

Mr Scott said: "I am happy with how the sculpture is progressing."

"My colleagues, artist Graeme Gilmour, and manager Caroline Scott and I have been working huge shifts on the project to get the sculpture to this stage.

"I want to create the idea of moving from the past and reaching forward to the future to create a distinctive new image for the town and I'm confident I have achieved that in this artwork."

The sculpture was commissioned by Campsies Centre Cumbernauld Ltd (CCCL) - a company established by North Lanarkshire Council to facilitate the redevelopment of Cumbernauld.

Ian Nisbet, head of property services at North Lanarkshire Council, said: "The completion of the head is a huge milestone in the Cumbernauld Positive Image Project.

"The sculpture is going to be something local people can be proud of.

"This piece of unique art will raise the profile of Cumbernauld across the country by creating an iconic landmark for Cumbernauld, and we are very much looking forward to its completion."

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