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New sculpture for Glasgow Harbour

21 May 08 23:20 GMT

A six-metre high sculpture featuring the head and body of a woman with propeller-like arms is due to be unveiled at Glasgow Harbour.

The work, "Rise", is said to symbolise modernity rising from the city's maritime past.

It was created by Andy Scott, the sculptor responsible for "The Heavy Horse" on the M8.

He is also working on two 100ft-high "Kelpies" which will function as a boat lift in the Falkirk area.

The new harbour sculpture is made of shining galvanized steel and is visible from the nearby Clydeside Expressway.

Mr Scott said: "I hope people respect and appreciate the craft and skill that's gone into it.

"I'm very proud of Glasgow and I'm a great advocate for the city.

"I'm in awe, almost, of its industrial heritage and if I have reflected that then it will have been a job well done.

"For me, it symbolises the community as a whole."

"Rise" will be unveiled by Glasgow City Council leader, Councillor Steven Purcell.

He said: "Public art is very important to a city, and this work by Andy Scott, a local artist with a growing international reputation, is a wonderful example.

"It makes a stunning sight at Glasgow Harbour and I'm sure it will be hugely popular with the people of Glasgow and visitors alike.

"It will also help encourage a sense of civic pride in an area which is destined to become a tourist destination of the highest international standard."

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