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Monty plans UK lung cancer centre

29 November 07 18:23 GMT

Champion golfer Colin Montgomerie has told how his mother's death from cancer inspired him to create a centre in her memory.

The Elizabeth Montgomerie Centre will be the UK's only centre of excellence for lung cancer - and the only facility of its kind in Europe.

Monty was in Glasgow, where the centre will be based, to launch the £5.2m fundraising appeal.

He said his mother had died because the cancer was not caught early enough.

The centre is a joint venture with the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

Named after Montgomerie's mother, who died from the disease in 1991, the centre will provide information and will support patients and carers.

It will also offer training for lung cancer specialists, a UK-wide advice line for sufferers and their carers, and house research into all aspects of patient care.

Although based in Glasgow, the centre will cater for sufferers, carers and health professionals from across the UK.

The golfer said: "I'm very excited about being able to save lives, which my mother wasn't able to do.

"Nowadays, with advances in research, if diseases are caught early enough, of course, you have more of a chance.

"Unfortunately with my mother that wasn't the case. It can be stopped.

"We're trying to raise £5.2m initially and that doesn't just spring up.

"It is a big ask but I have championed this cause with personal monies as well."

Several properties are being considered for the project and the aim is to start renovating a building next year.

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