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Health Focus: Danger drugs

2 December 09 11:57 GMT

The public are being warned of the dangers of buying medicines over the internet.

Following an international operation co-ordinated by the Department of Health, police and customs, thousands of counterfeit and illicit drugs were seized, with many found to be containing dangerous substances.

For this week's Health Focus, Our Correspondent Marie-Louise Connolly, looks at the risks are people taking. Marie-Louise.

In response to an ever increasing number of websites supplying dangerous and illegal medicines, Operation Pangea 11 involved 24 countries including raids here in Northern Ireland.

A number of people were prosecuted and thousands of counterfeit and illicit drugs seized.

Among the items were BZP tablets, growth hormones and steroids.

The operation, which was organised by Interpol, led to a number of people being prosecuted.

The Health Minister Michael McGimpsey is advising people against buying drugs over the internet.

Dr Mike Mawhinney was involved locally and spoke to Marie-Louise on BBC Newsline.

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