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Glasgow outsteps Belfast marches

1 October 09 07:39 GMT

The cost of policing hundred of parades is to be discussed by a policing body later, but not in Northern Ireland.

The Strathclyde Police Authority is to examine two reports on parades in Scotland.

One of the reports said that Glasgow now has more loyalist and republican marches than Belfast.

According to police figures, there were 247 loyalist or republican parades in Glasgow compared with 217 similar demonstrations in Belfast.

A report for the authority said there were 1,061 processions last year, which required 50,000 hours of police time.

The bill came to £1.7m and there were 96 arrests.

There are other marches besides the loyalist and republican ones, including the Boys Brigade, May Day and Scottish CND.

However, loyalists have the most and the Orange Order has the largest.

The west of Scotland has a long tradition of support for the Orange Order, with more than 180 lodges in Glasgow alone.

Two reports on marches and parades - one covering police resources and another on violence and disorder - will go before the Authority.

The separate report on violence, disorder and antisocial behaviour focuses on Orange parades in Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Ayrshire in the first two weeks of July this year.

It notes an increased number of common, serious and racially motivated assaults, including assaults on police officers as well as increases in weapon possession, vandalism, breaches of the peace and street drinking.

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