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Red faces over yellow line fiasco

23 October 08 18:46 GMT

Council contractors have been branded "ridiculous" after painting double yellow lines around a parked car.

The workmen made the decision during resurfacing and road lining work in Hyde Terrace in the Clarendon area of Leeds last weekend.

The car has been removed, leaving the yellow lines bulging out from the kerb.

Leeds City Council said: "The painting of these yellow lines around the parked car is clearly ridiculous." It said the offending lines would be removed.

Local resident Richard Jones told BBC News: "Quite a few people have stopped and laughed but it does not reflect well on the council.

"I think it's very ridiculous. Somebody is obviously making a point, but what were they thinking?

"I'm not a traffic expert but I would have stopped the yellow lines at one end of the car and started them again at the other end and then joined them together once the car had been removed."

A council spokeswoman added: "We will speak to the contractors to remind them to use common sense when painting temporary road markings in the future.

"The lines have been put down whilst Hyde Terrace is being refurbished to prevent parking issues.

"The correct road markings will be reinstated on completion of the work."

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