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City to unveil 'necklace' project

3 May 07 10:23 GMT

Plans to develop a riverside park in Durham to help attract more tourists to the city are to be unveiled.

The proposed "Necklace Park" would run along a 12-mile stretch of land along the River Wear from Finchale Priory, southwards to Sunderland Bridge.

The Necklace Park is central to plans to open-up Durham City.

A range of attractions have been mapped-out for the park and will be made public on Saturday and Sunday at the Clayport Library.

Iconic buildings

It is hoped the park will open previously inaccessible, unmapped, hidden, derelict or private land for visitors and locals to explore.

The Necklace is the first major idea to emerge from a public consultation about the future of Durham.

Durham City Council has launched the Durham City 2020 Vision, a plan to encourage more tourism to the historic city.

The plan suggests a wide range of strategies including improving the range of shopping, extending employment opportunities, improving leisure and entertainment and developing iconic buildings and structures.

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