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Sussex runner completes 50 marathons in 50 days

21 April 10 20:38 GMT

A man from East Sussex has completed 50 marathons across Europe in 50 consecutive days.

Hugh Williams-Preece, 40, from Mayfield, was cheered into Trafalgar Square in London on Wednesday after covering 1,310 miles (2,108km).

He began his challenge in Lisbon on 3 March, running across northern Spain, through Bordeaux, around Paris and then up from Brighton to London.

So far he has raised £33,000 for Marie Curie Cancer Care charity.

Mr Williams-Preece said: "1,310 miles over 50 days, my legs are violently protesting now and I'm due for a good rest.

"I'm feeling healthy, I've lost 2st."

He added: "Ninety percent of the challenge was mental and I think the fact that I genuinely enjoyed it, apart from a handful of days, I think that sort of positive approach meant that it was never really a chore or a trial to actually get through each day."

Marie Curie nurse Sarah Richardson was one of the scores of people who congratulated him at the finish line.

She said: "It means that we [the charity] can provide more Marie Curie nurses like myself to get out there and help people, who deserve it and need it, who have cancer or other terminal illnesses, in the comfort of their own home."

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