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Rare bat found at reservoir site

19 August 09 15:15 GMT

A rare bat has been found at a reservoir in East Sussex.

Arlington Reservoir near Berwick is already home to several bat species but this was the first sighting of a Bechstein's bat, South East Water said.

The young male was found during one of the bat monitoring surveys routinely carried out by the water company.

Environmental manager Emma Goddard said the Bechstein was one of the rarest British bats in existence, and called it an exciting discovery.

She said Bechstein's bats were commonly associated with old woodland, especially oaks, because they picked insects and other invertebrates from the leaves of the broad-leaved trees.

"To have discovered one at Arlington, where we have a relatively 'young' planted woodland of oaks and other native species, is an incredibly exciting find," she added.

Bat species which have made their home at the reservoir during its 40-year history include the Common Pipistrelle, Soprano Pipistrelle, Daubentons, Brandts, Whiskered and Brown Long Eared bats.

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