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'Referendum' over marina parish

12 October 08 13:17 GMT

A referendum-style ballot is being held to find out whether residents of a modern waterfront marina development in East Sussex want a parish council.

They are being asked: "Do you support the proposal to set up a Sovereign Harbour Parish Council?"

Earlier in the year Sovereign Harbour Residents Association handed a petition to Eastbourne Borough Council calling for the creation of a parish council.

The authority said the vote was a key part of its consultation.

The council will seek the views of local businesses, community groups and East Sussex County Council following the ballot.

'Central importance'

Residents will have until the end of October to respond Yes or No to the question contained in a letter which was sent out last week.

A council spokesperson said: "Resident's views are of central importance when considering this proposal and the ballot result will be an important factor in helping Eastbourne Borough Council decide whether or not to set up a Parish Council for the Harbour.

"If the proposal is agreed, Sovereign Harbour will be the only part of the Borough to have a Parish Council of its own."

The Residents Association's campaign has been backed by the local MP, Nigel Waterson.

If Sovereign Harbour gets a parish council, residents will be entitled to elect representatives to manage a local budget and deliver community services.

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