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Virtual books lent by libraries in Surrey

15 February 10 11:18 GMT

A virtual library of ebooks is being developed by Surrey County Council.

Library members will be able to download electronic books and audio books to their personal computers, laptops or other devices.

The books available for download, will expire and stop working after an allocated time period.

The council is currently in talks with a company to provide the service, but it will be available at all 53 libraries across the county.

Best sellers

Cabinet member for community services, Denise Saliagopoulos said: "It will make it quicker and easier for people to borrow books and will hopefully encourage people to read more.

"Technology evolves at a fast pace and it's important we take advantage of new developments to provide the best services we can."

It is hoped that the virtual library will include best seller fiction and a range of non-fiction.

As well as borrowing ebooks from home, people will also be able to go to the library and download titles straight to their laptop or portable device.

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