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'Angels' to watch over revellers

17 October 08 11:44 GMT

A team of volunteer "street angels" will be walking the streets of Guildford later to be on hand to help vulnerable revellers.

The 12 angels are among a team of 40 from the town's churches who will regularly patrol the streets at night.

Surrey's temporary Chief Constable Mark Rowley is marking the angels' debut by joining beat officers on patrol in the town during the evening.

"This is a fantastic initiative and I wanted to lend my name to it," he said.

"These are local people who are prepared to spend some time helping to look after vulnerable people and help make their town safer," he said.

The angels will have premises where they can take people and help them make arrangements to get home safely.

Angels leader Becky Edmonds said they would be patrolling in pairs and wearing blue security jackets with a fluorescent angel on the back.

"My role is paid for by local churches but the volunteers are a gift to the town from the churches," she said.

"We are there to serve people, not to push religion."

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