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Life for prison plot murder gang

7 August 09 14:29 GMT

Four gang members have been jailed for life after being found guilty of the murder of a Sheffield teenager.

Tarek Chaiboub, 17, was shot outside a barber shop in Burngreave in July 2008.

After five days of deliberations a jury found Michael Chattoo, 21, Nigel Ramsey, 23, Denzil Ramsey, 20, and Levan Menzies, 17, guilty of murder.

Tarek's killing was ordered by gang leader Nigel Ramsey on a smuggled mobile phone from inside prison, the trial at Sheffield Crown Court heard.

The teenager was carrying a handgun at the time of his death.

Nigel Ramsey, of Andover Street, was told he would serve a minimum of 35 years in prison.

Chattoo, of Daniel Hill Street, will serve at least 30 years, while Denzil Ramsey, who lived with his brother in Andover Street, will spend at least 25 years behind bars.

Menzies, also of Andover Street, will serve a minimum of 20 years.

Sentencing Mr Justice Griffith Williams said: "Britain is not broken, although certain communities are being plagued by the lawless activities of the likes of you and gangs such as S3.

"I make it clear that to protect them the full rigour of the law must be brought to bear and rogues like you must be brought to book."

Scuffles with police

Chattoo, Nigel Ramsey and Javan Galloway, 20, were also all found guilty of attempted murder in relation to a knife attack on Tarek days before he was killed.

Galloway, of Nottingham Street, was given a nine-year term in a young offenders' institution and told he must serve at least half of the sentence.

The defendants had all denied the allegations against them.

Nigel Ramsey and Chattoo smiled and exchanged remarks as the sentences were handed down by Mr Justice Griffith Williams.

As the group left the dock they started chanting and shouting.

Outside the court, two women were arrested amid scuffles with police and bystanders.

The two attacks on Tarek happened as part of a feud between members of the city's S3 gang, named after the postcode of the districts of Burngreave and Pitsmoor in Sheffield.

The feud stemmed from the murder of gang member Brett Blake a month earlier, the trial heard.

Outside court Tarek's father Rashid Chaiboub stood by an interpreter who read a statement which said: "Our son Tarek used to have lots of friends and his main mistake was that he trusted some of those who should not be trusted.

"They handed him the death sentence and, for his family and his friends, the life sentence."

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