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Bio-fuel power stations protest

17 April 09 20:19 GMT

A group of protesters occupied a building in the centre of Bath in a demonstration against the building of bio-fuel power stations in London.

Six people from a group called Action Against Agrofuels spoke with green energy firm Blue-NG officials in Ralph Allen House in Railway Place.

Police who arrived at the premises were asked to leave by Blue-NG to allow the firm to talk to the group.

It has recently been given permission to build a generator in east London.

The plant will use combined heat and power (CHP) which is fuelled by sustainably grown crops.

Dean Rivers, one of the protesters, said: "Our intention is to force Blue-NG to look again at their position and we would like to stop the procedure of their business for today.

"They're building a whole new market for bio-fuels in combined heating power stations. They've got an application through in Beckton and they've got another one in Southall.

"They're picking these very under-privileged areas of London where there's going to be little protest and getting through power stations to be run on bio-fuels which we know are causing so much destruction globally, so we're really protesting against that."

The protesters left peacefully by 1530 BST.

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