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Hess plane wing part to be sold

16 December 07 12:00 GMT

Part of the aircraft wreckage from the plane which carried Rudolph Hess to Britain is to be sold at auction.

The fighter bomber crashed in Scotland in May 1941 and Hess, Hitler's deputy, was captured and jailed.

Mullock's auctioneers will sell a small piece of fixing from the plane's wing at Ludlow Racecourse, on 18 December.

The guide price for the historic item recovered from the crash scene near Eaglesham, south of Glasgow, is between £400 and £500.

The journey of Hess, who was Adolf Hitler's deputy, to Britain has long been the subject of conspiracy theories.

Some have claimed Hess was travelling to Britain on an official mission from Hitler to broker peace with Britain.

He was subsequently arrested and spent the rest of his life in detention, dying in Spandau Prison in 1987.

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