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Concern for a missing rescue dog

11 December 07 14:10 GMT

Charity workers in Shropshire are looking for a rescued lurcher which is missing in the Telford area.

The dog was brought to England after he was found living wild on a village green in Southern Ireland.

Tom was taken in by the Shropshire and Borders Retired Greyhound Trust and placed with carers before being rehomed.

Charity workers say the move was not successful and and he ran off as he was being returned to the Trust.

A spokesperson for the Trust said Tom had been found with a number of injuries. He had had a tooth kicked out and his throat had been slashed.

The last sighting of the dog was in Donnington on 3 December where it is thought he followed a police officer who was riding a bicycle.

Tom's carer, Sue Coldock, said "This is such a heartbreaking story as, for the first time in years, Tom is now able to have a safe, warm and caring home and this has happened."

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