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Support for death threat victim

19 November 07 13:12 GMT

A nine-year-old cancer victim has been inundated with messages of support after receiving death threats on her online diary.

Sophie Foxley, from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, has had more than 300,000 hits on her internet blog since Friday.

Her mother Jane has denied claims that the website was started to make money.

The youngster, diagnosed with leukaemia in June 2006, is now having trouble sleeping and does not want to go to bed alone due to the threats.

Police probing the disturbing messages are still patrolling the house and have warned that the investigation could be a long process.

Mrs Foxley said the family had received many positive and supportive comments since news of the threats emerged, but also some questioning their motives.

"There have been a few suggestions we're trying to make money out of this, which is not the case. We haven't received a penny, we're not out for any type of fame," she told BBC Radio Shropshire presenter Eric Smith.

"This is just our family story of what's happening to our daughter and I know a lot of people will like to share that.

Leave home

"I know that it's helped other people who have been in similar situations," she said.

The six disturbing postings were initially found by Sophie's elder sister Jenny, 14, before Mrs Foxley uncovered more.

Sophie's father Phil said it got so bad at one point that his wife and daughter had to leave their home for a night.

The nine-year-old began writing her diary to keep family and friends up to date with her progress.

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