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Planners to discuss incinerator

2 January 09 10:01 GMT

Construction of an incinerator in Nottinghamshire could move a step closer as councillors meet to discuss plans for the facility.

The county council will meet on 9 January to talk about the plans on the site of the former Rufford Colliery near Rainworth.

Residents against the plans say they are concerned about the effects on people's health and the environment.

The county council declined to comment ahead of the planning meeting.

Allen Tift, a campaigner with PAIN - People Against Incineration - said: "I think there are much better ways of disposing of our waste than burning it.

"Once it's burned, it's lost. We could recover that if we recycled more and if we composted more, we could get greater value from our waste."

Mr Tift added he was also concerned about emissions from the proposed site.

But a spokesman for the company behind the proposals, Veolia Environmental Services, dismissed pollution fears, saying the facility was based on proven technology.

He also added the incinerator plant would provide enough power for 15,000 homes.

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