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Harrogate restaurateurs guilty of human trafficking

26 March 10 18:45 GMT

A woman and her two sons have been convicted of running a human trafficking scam from their Indian restaurant in Harrogate.

Parveen Khan and her sons Raza Khan, and Shaan Khan were found guilty of conspiracy to traffic persons into the UK for the purposes of exploitation.

The Khans, of Green Lane, Harrogate, were convicted at Leeds Crown Court.

It heard they brought nine men from India and Pakistan to the UK and made them work long hours for low wages.

Passports confiscated

The men's passports were confiscated and they were subjected to physical and verbal threats, the court was told.

The charges were brought against the Khans after a raid on the restaurant by authorities.

Jeremy Oppenheim of the UK Border Agency said: "These people had come over to the country, expecting to get a good job and a good life while working legitimately, but they found themselves essentially entrapped into working in conditions they were unhappy with and their passports being removed, doctored or destroyed.

"That very much undermines both immigration control and the safety of people who have got every right to come here to work legitimately.

He added that the convictions should serve as a warning.

"My message to employers is don't do it," he said. "If you do we will find you, we will prosecute you and we will make sure you are brought to justice."

Mrs Khan and her sons will be sentenced on 21 May.

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