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Bendy bus fires 'not connected'

2 October 07 14:17 GMT

Transport for London (TfL) has allayed safety fears after the latest incident of fire on a bendy bus.

Bus number 25 was in Ilford, east London, for servicing when a fire broke out in its heating system on Saturday.

A TfL spokesman said the bus suffered "significant" damage to the rear but "there is no link" with previous incidents of fire on bendy buses.

The buses, introduced in 2001, were temporarily taken out of service in 2005 when three buses caught fire.

This is the first such incident since they were brought back to service in January 2006.

'Common' fault

A TfL spokesman said: "Initial reports indicate there is no link between this and previous bendy bus incidents.

"We are investigating the cause with the operator but our initial conclusion is that the fault lies in equipment common to many buses.

"Fires on all buses are rare, and bendy buses are no more prone to such incidents than other bus models," he said.

Three incidents of fire on bendy buses led to the withdrawal of the 130-strong fleet from London.

The buses were brought back into service after engineers replaced and modified pipework in the bus engines which was identified as the problem.

TfL said the investigation into the latest incident is still ongoing.

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