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Gerrard 'fixer' still on the run

15 April 08 09:24 GMT

The search is continuing for a robber who absconded from Lincoln Crown Court just minutes before the verdict was delivered in his robbery trial.

John Kinsella, 43, of Mile End, Liverpool, was on trial for robbing a Grantham haulage firm.

A warrant has been issued for his arrest and police are looking for him.

It was claimed in court that Kinsella was a "fixer" who had stopped an intimidation campaign against football star Steven Gerrard.

Easter eggs

"Kinsella was asked to remain in the precincts of the court but when the jury returned with their verdict he had absconded," Lincolnshire police spokesman Dick Holmes said.

His details have been distributed on the national police computer.

He and three fellow robbers were convicted of stealing £41,000 worth of detergents, crisps and Easter eggs in March 2006.

The court had earlier been read a letter from Paul Gerrard, the father of 27-year-old Liverpool star Steven Gerrard, who said that he had "total respect" for Kinsella after he stopped a gangster known as "The Psycho" from terrorising his son.

He had been granted bail at court provided that he remained in the grounds of Lincoln Crown Court.

Two of his co-accused - James Muldoon, 28, from Laken Heath Road, Liverpool and 49-year-old Stephen McMullen, from Phoenix Drive, Liverpool - were found guilty of robbery.

Muldoon is also on the run. A fourth man, Thomas Hodgson, 29, of Melwood Drive, Liverpool, admitted one charge of robbery.

All four men were due to be sentenced at Lincoln Crown Court on Thursday.

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