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Fish stocks replenished in river

27 November 09 10:44 GMT

Thousands of fish have been released into a Leicestershire river to boost numbers after the water was polluted.

The Environment Agency has put 10,000 young fish into the River Soar to help restock a stretch of the water badly affected by pollution in the summer.

Roach, dace, chub and barbel have been placed in the river near the Watermead South Country Park.

The fish were raised at the Environment Agency's fish farm at Calverton in Nottinghamshire.

Fisheries officer Matt Buck said: "These new fish are the beginning of a new era for the River Soar, where fish populations have been badly affected by pollution incidents.

"This restocking aims to reverse the damage done by pollution.

"These fish and their descendants will bring the river to life once more.

"The money that allows us to restock rivers like the Soar comes from anglers who buy rod licences, but we do try to recoup the cost from polluters in the long term wherever we can."

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