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Burglaries halved over five years

18 October 09 13:36 GMT

Burglaries in north-west Leicestershire have halved over the last five years, the county's police force has said.

Figures show there were 136 burglaries between 1 April and 5 October this year compared with 250 for the same period in 2004.

Police said there had been a year-on-year reduction except for last year when there was a slight increase - of three offences.

Insp Chris Brown said he hoped to get the figures to drop further.

"We've [reduced the number of burglaries] by robustly targeting the people who commit this distressing crime, disrupting their offending behaviour and arresting them whenever we can and making sure their movements are closely monitored", he said.

"We have also done a great deal of work around crime prevention.

"Most burglaries happen because a window or door has been left open or unlocked so we really need the public's help if we are going to reduce the number of offences even further."

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