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Easter task to sell Faberge egg

9 April 09 14:01 GMT

A Blackpool jeweller has set himself the task of selling the last remaining Faberge World Egg by the end of Easter.

The £350,000 egg, which is one of four in world, has almost 3,000 diamonds and a globe made from 18-carat white gold.

The egg is crowned by a one-carat diamond and sits on top of a pink and black enamelled plinth.

Jeweller Michael Hyman said the slump in sterling in recent months has seen the value of the egg rocket since it was created last year.

Mr Hyman, who runs Leonard Dews and Wilkins Diamonds in Blackpool and the Isle of Man, said: "This is not only a thing of beauty, but also a magnificent investment in these times when only gold and diamonds are increasing in value."

The four Faberge World Eggs were made last year by German jewellery maker Victor Mayer who produces one egg design a year under the Faberge name.

Mr Mayer continues the work of Russian craftsman Peter Carl Faberge, who achieved fame when he bejewelled eggs for Russian Czars in the 19th Century.

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