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Zoo keepers take stock of animals

5 January 10 14:56 GMT

Zoo keepers in Sussex have recorded all the animal births, deaths and arrivals which have occurred in the last year.

Keepers counted 800 animals at Drusillas Park, at Alfriston, from 106 different species.

When counting insects or small animals, the keepers provided an estimated figure based on the expected size of the group and knowledge of the colony.

A chartered accountant was also present during the count to ensure that the figures were recorded accurately.

The information has been submitted to a central database which is used by organisations such as the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums to manage conservation, and local authorities who issue and renew licences for zoos and aquariums

The annual count is undertaken as part of zoo legislation which requires all zoos and aquariums to record the number of animals they have cared for.

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