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Bridge tolls case taken to London

13 October 09 19:56 GMT

Members of the Humber Bridge Board have met transport minister Sadiq Khan to discuss the financial impact of the recent toll freeze.

Board officials say the government's decision not to increase charges has left the bridge with an annual budget shortfall of £1.15m.

They met Mr Khan in London at the Department for Transport (DfT).

The board has said it might take legal action to force a review of the government's decision.

Public inquiry

The board had proposed a 20p increase in fares to help pay off the bridge's £333m debt.

But the DfT said in July that tolls would remain at £2.70 for cars, in light of the current economic climate.

The announcement was made after it considered the findings of a report, following a public inquiry in March.

Mr Khan said: "I had a productive meeting with the bridge board over the implications of not increasing the tolls and I will continue to work closely with the board."

The outcome of the meeting will be considered by the Humber Bridge Board on Wednesday.

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