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Southampton student in bone marrow appeal

11 May 10 09:59 GMT

A Southampton student has organised a bone marrow recruitment event to help save the life of her teenage cousin who has a rare type of cancer.

Alice Pyne, 14, from Ulverston, Cumbria, has Hodgkin's Lymphoma and urgently needs a transplant.

Rebecca Hall hopes hundreds of donors will attend the event at the University of Southampton from 1600 BST.

The event is the second in recent weeks because organisers ran out of testing kits at a recruitment drive in April.

Registration, which involves taking a saliva sample, will take place until 2000 BST at the university's Students' Union.

Miss Hall said: "She [Alice] really urgently needs this bone marrow transplant.

"They've already tried chemotherapy, radiation therapy and this really is her last hope."

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