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First look at new 255m hospital

29 January 09 09:54 GMT

The first glimpses have been revealed of a £255m "world class" hospital redevelopment - which will eventually cost the NHS more than £1bn.

The new Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, has been possible due to cash from the private sector.

But it means the NHS will have to foot a £42m annual bill until 2039.

The hospital will open in June and boasts 1,400 beds, a maternity wing, a rehabilitation centre and facilities for cancer patients.

The rebuilding has been completed under the government's private finance initiative.

The repayments include maintenance and upkeep of the development.

Peter Mellor, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, said: "Our annual repayment is £42m a year - obviously that's a lot of money. But as you've seen we are getting a lot of hospital. This is going to be a world class facility."

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