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School run mother's bus solution

1 February 08 08:40 GMT

A Cheltenham mother who was fed up with the traffic on her school run has helped set up a bus service for pupils.

Amanda Toner approached independent St Edward's Junior School with her frustrations and it agreed to provide funds to subsidise a trial service.

Children living within a three-mile radius of the school can use the bus, which is run by a local operator.

Mrs Toner said: "The whole ethos of one parent one child in the car is just clogging up the roads."

About 25 children, including Mrs Toner's eight-year-old son, Daniel, use the service, paying a £1.50 fare each way.

"In essence, you would have to pay to use your cars to bring the children to school and the camaraderie they experience on the bus, they love it," said Mrs Toner.

Headmaster Tig Mooney added: "If we can get 80 cars off road in the morning and 80 cars off the road in the afternoon, Cheltenham would be a better place and if more schools in the area did it, we've have more cars off the road.

"We are hopeful that other independent schools can do it as well. We are determined for it to continue."

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