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Helpline to help find NHS dentist

15 November 08 14:48 GMT

A helpline has been set up for people in west Essex to find local dentists who offer treatment on the NHS.

Dentists and the primary care trust are working together to open up dental surgeries to more adults and children.

Callers can get details of available local dentists, their opening times, costs for NHS dental treatment and what treatment they can expect.

The helpline, 0800 78 333 96, is open from 0800 to 1800 GMT Monday to Friday otherwise an answer phone will operate.

Primary care trust director Toni Coles said: "A check up lets the dentist see if you have any problems and helps you keep your teeth and gums healthy.

"Having more appointments available means that local people have better access to an NHS dentist.

"We're also making it easier for people to find out where their nearest NHS dentist is and how they can make an appointment.

"This initiative is all part of the primary care trust's commitment to improving access to NHS dentistry and improving peoples oral health."

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