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Tesco wind turbine plan approved

12 February 09 15:44 GMT

Plans by Tesco to build a 10m (33ft) high wind turbine in a Dorset town have been approved by planners despite protests from local people.

The supermarket giant is set to erect it in the carpark at its store on Poole Road in Branksome, Poole.

Protesters said it would be an eyesore in a conservation area.

Tesco said the turbine would help provide power for the store and the plan was part of its commitment to halve its carbon footprint by 2020.

The company said the six kilowatt turbine would save 13.6 tonnes of CO2 a year and was specifically created for built-up areas.

The Borough of Poole's planning committee approved the plans with a majority of six to two at a meeting on Thursday.

During the consultation period, it had received 20 letters of objection.

Among them was one from Henry Fielden, of the Poole Road Veterinary Surgery opposite the store, who said it was a "gimmick" and said it would be unsightly in a conservation area.

Shoppers 'offended'

He said: "I'm very angry because I very much appreciate and enjoy living in this area and here we have an item going up into the Branksome store which is really very alien to the whole area.

"I am very disappointed with Poole council to think that this should go through almost on the nod to comply with regulations and directives coming from the government to approve renewable energy resources.

"I think it's going to be very intrusive and disproportionate in size in relation to the car park."

Adam Fisher, spokesman for Tesco, said: "This investment is part of our community plan, cutting energy use where we may.

"The inaudible turbines use the latest technology and are very efficient and will genuinely help meet the energy needs of the store.

"We hope the majority of customers are excited and for it and hope it demonstrates in a clear way our commitment to tackling climate change."

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