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Library wants snappy photo help

19 June 08 06:22 GMT

People in Devon are being asked to help identify the locations and people seen in a collection of old photographs.

The pictures, part of the collection of the Westcountry Studies Library in Exeter, show notable features that will hopefully help identification.

The photos in the "Location? Location? Location?" scheme include houses, bridges, churches, ships and a formal ladies dinner at a glamorous hotel.

The library has an ongoing programme to catalogue its 100,000 pictures.

Valuable resource

The "Location? Location? Location?" drive is the third time the library has called for help from the public.

Devon County Council executive member for culture Sheila Hobden said: "There were many successful identifications last time and I very much hope this is repeated.

"The Westcountry Studies Library is a wonderful and valuable resource, and people who help with this challenge are enhancing the collection for generations to come."

The library has two new displays of its unidentified illustrations until 29 June in the foyer of Exeter Central Library. There are more displays at its own building in Castle Street in Exeter until mid-July.

A selection of pictures can also be found on the library's website.

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