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Derby rescue centre homes puppy farm dogs

5 February 10 09:28 GMT

A Derby animal shelter is trying to re-home more than a dozen dogs that have been brought from a puppy farm in the west of Ireland.

The animals were brought to the Second Chance Animal Rescue Centre, at Chellaston, after being handed over by the breeders who had no use for them.

Jo Fairbrother, who runs the centre, said many of the animals had arrived in a poor condition.

She said: "Some of them had infections and needed a good bath".

Badly treated

Ms Fairbrother said: "We had various breeds sent across including Yorkshire Terriers and Cairn Terriers.

"They were in an awful state, dirty and with eye and ear infections.

"We're spending time bathing and clipping them, but they do need a lot of care and attention.

"Some are snappy because they haven't adjusted to life with us and behave as if they're going to be badly treated."

Ms Fairbrother said the work at the centre was now aimed at rehabilitating the dogs and trying to find new homes for them.

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