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Bus travel scheme feedback wanted

11 November 08 15:59 GMT

A review of a discounted travel scheme in Derbyshire has been announced.

The existing Gold Card scheme was merged with a national free bus travel scheme in April.

But some users criticised the change because the original Gold Card allowed travel at any time while the national programme only worked after 0930 GMT.

Officials said that, after six months of the new arrangements, it was a good time to have a review and see what passengers thought of them.

Extra services

The national scheme allows anyone over 60 or qualifying disabled people to travel across the country for free between 0930 GMT and 2300 GMT.

But some people in Derbyshire - often workers or school children - found they were worse off when travelling in the early morning.

The council said despite it being a national scheme, the review could make a real difference.

A spokesman said: "Derbyshire County Council, along with councils across the country, has to run the national scheme.

"But we can choose to buy-in extra services.

"For example, in Derbyshire we choose to fund discounted local rail travel and free travel on dial-a-bus services as part of the Gold Card Scheme.

"We want to find out how people have been affected by the national scheme to determine whether we've made the right decisions about the extra services we provide."

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