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Addenbrooke's trials home treatment for cancer patients

19 February 10 15:44 GMT

Cancer patients in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk are being recruited in a trial to see if they benefit from chemotherapy closer to home.

Addenbrooke's Hospital is enlisting 390 volunteers for the comparative trials.

One third will be treated at home and another 130 will attend units in three GP surgeries in Cambridge, Haverhill or Bury St Edmunds.

The final group will be treated at either Addenbrooke's or West Suffolk Hospital.

Specialist nurses from Addenbrooke's will travel to patients to administer medication and manage their care.

'Quality of life'

Dr Pippa Corrie, the consultant oncologist in charge of the Outreach project, said: "It's all about quality of life.

"If you can have chemotherapy outside hospital, it gives you more control over when you have your treatment and how you fit it in.

"We're proud of our hospital, but we know that not all of our cancer patients need to be treated on site."

Dr Corrie said the research was being done to make sure that treatment outside the hospital would be safe and that it benefitted patients.

The volunteers taking part in the pilot study will be allocated to one of the three treatment groups at random.

But if the results of the study are positive, patients could be able to choose for themselves in future.

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