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Review into city's bus services

3 February 10 11:11 GMT

A review into the quality of bus services across Bristol and the surrounding area has been ordered by the city council.

Passengers will be asked what sort of services they would like. The results could determine future routes.

The review will look at all companies although many buses are currently run by transport company First - who were recently criticised for punctuality.

A spokesman for First said it was supportive of the public consultation.

'Designed in 1930s'

Councillor John Rogers, of Bristol City Council, said: "The bus routes were often designed in the 1930s.

"We've got some great showcase bus routes which get quickly into the city centre. They're profitable, they work well for the companies.

"We've got lots of other routes around the city which don't link up properly. They're not even timed to arrive so that people can just jump from one bus to another.

"There's all sorts of issues like that. We'd like to bring this out in a consultation with the public."

Justin Davies, from First, said: "We're very supportive of the council-led review of the services.

'Inefficient services'

"It's a great initiative to say what services have we got out there in the city today and how would people like to see that change because when we do look at changing routes, there tends to be a lot of comments from customers.

"Inefficient bus services are no good to anybody because that just becomes an even more expensive bus service.

"What we do need are routes which serve people's needs of today, not reflecting people's needs of 10,20,30 years ago - when we had very different employment and leisure patterns."

He added that the company is listening to criticisms from customers that fare prices were too high and has announced a reduction in the cost of some tickets from the weekend.

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