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Pilot parking plan for city areas

26 October 09 12:45 GMT

People in areas of Bristol will have to pay to park near their homes if a residents' parking scheme goes ahead.

Permits in Cliftonwood and Kingsdown will cost £30 a year for one car, £80 for a second and £200 for a third with no guarantee of a space.

Up to 100 visitor permits will be available for £1 a day with the first 50 free and a business permit will cost £100 a year.

A consultation on the proposals is now under way.

The authority wrote to some 53,000 households last year to gauge opinion on the plan for controlled parking zones in 71 neighbourhood areas around central Bristol.

Hours amended

There were 13,000 responses to the consultation between 19 June and 1 August 2008 which amounts to 25% of the households.

In Kingsdown about 1,500 properties will be affected by the scheme.

In that area over 50% of those who responded supported the introduction of the 24 hour, seven day scheme while 17% felt there was no need for a parking scheme in the area.

The proposed operating hours for the scheme have been amended to 0900 to 1700 Monday to Friday.

In the Brandon Hill area 55% of respondents backed the new scheme with 46% saying they had problems parking all day every day.

The proposed hours of operation for the scheme are 0800 until 2100 Monday to Saturday.

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