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Residents' parking plans defended

17 November 08 09:33 GMT

Controversial plans for controlled parking zones in two residential areas of Bristol are being defended.

Brandon Hill and Kingsdown will have parking restrictions to keep commuters away from streets in the area.

Campaigners against the proposals said most residents and businesses did not want to pay for parking permits.

But councillor Mark Bradshaw, Executive Member for Sustainable Development, said the scheme was in response to complaints from local people.

Bernard Cooke from the Keep Parking Free campaign group said it would be "just another tax" for local people to pay.

He believes the scheme will merely shift the parking problems from one area of the city to another.

"There is a city council meeting on the 24th, we'll be there to express our feelings," he said.

"It is hard to know what is in the council's mind.

"And for residents there is no guarantee they'll get a space outside their house - they'll be competing with businesses and other residents in the scheme from the area."

But councillor Bradshaw said: "We are putting residents and businesses concerns at the heart of these proposals," he said.

"We have listened to the points raised and have made many significant changes in response.

"These outline measures are aimed to address local parking pressures, which can diminish the daily quality of life for many people in our city.

"After wide consultation, with 71 neighbourhood areas involved, we are proposing to shape more detailed measures, working with residents, local councillors, the neighbourhood partnerships and businesses."

The Kingsdown parking zone would operate from 0900 to 1700 Monday to Friday.

The Brandon Hill area would have restrictions running from 0800 to 2100, Monday to Saturday. Permits would cost £30 for the first three years.

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