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Prostitution crackdown welcomed

19 November 08 12:21 GMT

Police have targeted an area in Reading after an MP raised concerns over an increase in prostitution.

Officers patrolled the Oxford Road area of the town at the weekend. A man was given a warning for kerb crawling and a woman was cautioned for prostitution.

Reading West MP Martin Salter had written to Thames Valley Police saying the problem "was getting out of hand".

He said he was pleased with the latest operation and had already noticed a drop in prostitution in the area.

'Real difference'

"There is no obvious solution, it is a combination of enforcement and treatment," he added.

"But the problem had been getting out of hand here recently.

"The trouble is, it is like a balloon effect and the problem is moved on but I am pleased with this latest police move."

Two people were also charged for alleged public nuisance offences and two people were given cannabis warnings during the police operation.

Sgt Zahid Aziz, of Thames Valley Police, said: "The neighbourhood team will tackle and challenge all forms of crime and any behaviour that brings down the quality of life of residents.

"I think people are beginning to see a real difference with crime and anti-social behaviour around the Oxford Road area."

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