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Forces' new anti-corruption unit

3 June 09 07:01 GMT

A specialist anti-corruption unit has been set up by two police forces to act as a deterrent to officers considering abusing their position.

The team came about from the joint professional standards unit launched by police forces in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire in April.

Bedfordshire Police Authority's complaints and professional standards committee has welcomed the new unit.

A statement said its aim was to improve public confidence in the police.

High standards

Bedfordshire Police Authority said it was not aware of a corruption problem in either police force but hoped the new unit would act as a deterrent.

Members felt the unit's existence would promote high standards expected from all police officers and staff.

Penny Fletcher, chair of the complaints and professional standards committee, said the new unit would give the public confidence in the integrity of officers and staff.

She said: "The police authority promotes the highest professional standards at all times.

"The force endeavours to identify any unethical behaviour within the officers and staff of Bedfordshire Police.

"There is no indication that there is a problem with corrupt practices and it is hoped that the very existence of this unit will deter people from even considering abusing their position."

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