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Hillsborough files to be opened

29 July 09 11:22 GMT

Families who lost their loved ones in the Hillsborough disaster have renewed hope of a full disclosure after a meeting with the home secretary.

Alan Johnson promised the Hillsborough Support Group that documents relating to the 1989 tragedy would be released in the next three months.

The papers, containing evidence from all authorities involved in the 1989 tragedy, will not have any redactions.

A spokesman said the Home Office was committed to "a full disclosure".

Margaret Aspinall, whose son was among the 96 who died in the disaster, said: "We are all so tired, we have waited 20 years for this.

"The meeting did go well and we felt like we were getting somewhere, we feel like we do have the support of both the home secretary and Andy Burnham, the health secretary.

'Rest in peace'

"We would not have achieved so much if it had not been for the support of the people of Merseyside and the country shouting for justice for the 96."

Professor Phil Scraton, author of Hillsborough: The Truth, has been chosen by the families to represent them on a five-person panel which will review the documents when they are released.

Mrs Aspinall said the families had chosen the professor because he "was the only one we trust".

They want a new investigation to recognise that not all the victims had died by 1515 BST on the day of the disaster and to re-examine the actions of the police and the emergency services.

After the panel has seen the documents, the files will be sent to the families before being put in the public domain.

"We just want the truth so we can stop fighting, for all the people who have supported us, and so our sons, daughters, loved ones can finally rest in peace," Mrs Aspinall added.

A Home Office spokesman said: "We are committed to a full disclosure of the documents held both centrally and locally.

"This will be done in close co-operation with South Yorkshire Police.

"Our intention is to appoint an independent panel, 'the Hillsborough Independent Panel', to oversee release of this information."

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