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Security at American Apparel for Brick Lane sales

3 April 10 11:57 GMT

A clothes retailer has provided extra security after 10 police officers were injured when 2,000 people descended on its east London store for a sale.

Officers were called to the Brick Lane branch of American Apparel because of an unexpected turnout for its four-day sale which began on Friday morning.

The sale was halted with less than 30 people making it to the tills.

On Saturday, the security was doubled and doors opened early to avoid a potential crush.

'Everyone happy'

"Everyone is happy today," said American Apparel brand manager Jan Hubner. "The problem yesterday was that the line wasn't controlled from early in the morning.

"At 10am there was a burst of people coming to the front door. We couldn't control that. We knew it was going to be big but not this big."

Staff started work at 0500 BST and doors were opened from 0830 BST, earlier than the official opening time of 1000 BST.

Security has also been doubled with 30 people helping to control the lines, said Mr Hubner.

Compared to yesterday, about 50-100 people were waiting to enter the store when the doors opened on Saturday.

Sarah Robinson, 19, a student from Camberwell, south-east London, said she was "really annoyed" at what happened on Friday but had decided to come back.

"There was an absolutely massive queue that went all the way to the main road," she said. "Everyone was really pushy. Everyone was coming to the front."

Emily Cooper, 19, a student from Canterbury with a pile of clothes under her arm, said: "People went crazy yesterday. When the doors opened they were rushing through and started crushing people."

Scotland Yard said 10 officers received minor injuries but none required hospital treatment.

A police spokesman said three people were arrested on public order offences.

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