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Search for Churchill wedding pics

11 September 08 01:45 GMT

A hunt is under way for Sir Winston Churchill's wedding pictures - which have been missing for almost a century.

The wartime prime minister married Clementine Hozier on 12 September 1908, but there are no known surviving photographs of the event.

The Churchill Archive Centre in Cambridge hopes to unearth some images in time for celebrations marking the couple's 100th wedding anniversary.

Those who can help are urged to contact Cambridge University.

Sir Winston was a junior minister when, after a brief engagement, he tied the knot to the future Baroness Spencer-Churchill.

Public approval

The couple were joined by high profile guests including another future prime minister, David Lloyd George, and Churchill's cousin, the Duke of Marlborough, at the ceremony, held at St Margaret's Church in Westminster, London.

There were even Pearly Kings and Queens waiting outside to greet the two afterwards.

The marriage produced five children, lasted more than 50 years, and ended with Sir Winston's death in January 1965.

But photographic records of the event have vanished, prompting the centre based at Cambridge University's Churchill College to issue its appeal.

Historians there currently only possess a drawing of the couple on their special day.

Sir Winston's family have also been unable to track down any pictures taken at the event.

Centre director Allen Packwood urged people to get in touch, saying: "It would be wonderful to fill one of very few gaps in the archive with photographs of such a pivotal event in his life."

Photographer John William Righton was known to have at least captured the Churchills' wedding breakfast in Portland Place, London, on camera

His images are believed to feature gifts from the Royal family, including a gold-topped walking stick bestowed by King Edward VII, as well as pictures of the many guests.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of the photographs is asked to contact the centre via

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