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Your views: Friends divided?

6 August 09 16:38 GMT

ITV has sold Friends Reunited for £25m, despite having agreed to pay a total of £175m for it since 2005.

Its model of helping people find old friends from old schools, colleges or clubs attracted millions of users.

But more recently, it has been overtaken by social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

We asked you whether you still use Friends Reunited - here are a selection of your comments.


Yes I use this web site, we have a school 40 year reunion this November with 200 to 300 attendees at Hull Stadium, and in the last few weeks I made contact with a friend I had not seen for over 40 years. I also use Genes Reunited and have traced many family contacts worldwide. I believe Friends Reunited is better for making definite contacts than Facebook, I have not tried Myspace or Twitter.
R J Tunley, York, England

Yes I use it. Is it better? No, it's different. It works more as an access point for contacting people you lost touch with. The problem with Facebook is that many people just accumulate pseudo-friends and it appears more superficial. Let's face it, if you have over 200 friends how well do you really know most of them? To be honest, if I know someone well I just phone them or meet up and chat.
Mike, Midlands, UK

I have used the site almost since it started but it is definitely one of those "only use it occasionally" sites. It is interesting to see what people I went to school with are up to but it is not a site I spend large amounts of time on.
Jasper, London

I think it's clear and concise with none of the idle chat of Facebook etc.
Tony Allen, Hertfordshire

Friends Reunited has the advantage of listing people you were at school with whose names you have forgotten. It affords the opportunity to briefly re-live those days of baggy trousers and the geography field trip, and regret the fact that it's all gone so sadly downhill. Facebook just helps you to stay in contact with people you don't really know or like, in order to look like you've got more friends than you really have.
Christopher Styles, York, Yorkshire

I have always popped onto Friends Reunited every couple of months, only to see if new friends appeared. I think its uses are very limited. I found once I had made contact with an old school friend, we would swap emails and keep in touch that way and only go back to using Friends Reunited every couple of months. I much prefer Facebook and am still getting to grips with Twitter!
Helen Wrend, London UK


The Friends Reunited model is fatally flawed. It only works for older people who lost contact before the internet age. Young people are already in contact and don't need it. Also, once you have made contact you don't need it any more. End of story.
Dennis, Dorset

With so many free sites like Bebo, Facebook etc., why pay for a site that will rarely find you a friend? I've had more luck finding old friends on Facebook. The site would probably work with a micro payment model, but not an outright charge for just checking to see who has sent you a message.
Paul Talbot , Chorley, UK

Friends Reunited was a great site until ITV got hold of it. They increased the membership fee and I think that is the real reason people stopped using it, nothing to do with Facebook, Bebo and others. It's free now, but the damage had already been done.
Simon Wren, Peterborough, UK

Friends Reunited was an excellent resource, however it isn't interactive or made future proof. It still serves its purpose of reuniting people, however the main mistake they made was trying to charge for sending emails, that's when I jacked it in in favour of Facebook.
Stuart Suther-Baker, Reigate, Surrey

I'd be surprised if anyone is using Friends Reunited these days. I used to have contact with old work colleagues through the site but I haven't had a single message for over two years now. But to be fair, I haven't sent one for as long either. I think their early model of charging users to do anything useful was wrong; they took too long to scrap these charges, by which time all the other social networking sites had evolved. Why just send emails to a friend when you can interact so much more on sites like Facebook?
Derek Dunne, Gargrave, England

Sad to say I ditched Friends Reunited shortly after Facebook reached critical mass. I found more people on Facebook than on Friends Reunited and it didn't cost me a thing to get in contact. I closed down my account a few days after posting a personal message urging others to migrate too.
Jamie Davis, Bristol, UK

I used Friends Reunited when it first came out because it was great for connecting with old school friends but turned to Facebook when that launched. I found with Friends Reunited, my friends didn't go on very often but with Facebook they are on all the time. With Facebook you can use the online chat to talk if you are both online at the same time. I also found Facebook easier to use. Everything is instant and your Facebook profile status keeps your friends up to date with what's going on in your life. I use Facebook everyday but I haven't been on Friends Reunited for a couple of years.
Mrs Neville, Cambridgeshire, England

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