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Bomb strikes IPL cricket match in Bangalore, police say

17 April 10 11:59 GMT

A bomb has exploded outside a cricket stadium in the southern Indian city of Bangalore, police say.

At least eight people were injured in the explosion.

The blast happened shortly before the start of an Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket match. Police say the device was hidden in the perimeter wall.

The match went ahead with about 40,000 people in Chinnaswamy Stadium. The Mumbai Indians beat the Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Bangalore captain Anil Kumble brushed aside suggestions that some of his overseas players had refused to take the field following the explosion.

"Coming from Bangalore, my home city, I had a chat with the players just to reassure them," Kumble said. "I did not have much of a problem convincing them to play."

The team's captains were walking out on to the pitch to toss the coin to decide who would bat first when the explosion happened.

Police commissioner Shankar Bidari told a news conference that the bomb was a "low-intensity" explosive.

"It appears some sort of explosive material was hidden in the wall, some distance away from the stands.

Mr Bidari said that a section of the perimeter wall had been damaged and that forensic experts had been called in to investigate.

The game started after security staff carried out an inspection of the grounds.

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